Reopening announcement

Dear Future Club Goers – another Covid announcement for you:
To try and reduce transmission of Covid-19 between customers and staff we have installed screens on the bar and will be ventilating the venue from open till close. We will also continue with a thorough cleaning regime of all contact surfaces and have Sanitiser readily available throughout the venue.
In this same spirit, if you are planning on coming to Volks then please:
– Check for symptoms or take a rapid test before you leave the house
– Wear a mask inside the venue where possible (we understand there will be times this isn’t practical or possible)
– DO NOT come to the venue if you are supposed to be isolating, have any of the Covid symptoms or a positive test. All tickets are fully refundable in this instance
– Schedule your Covid jabs to protect those who are vulnerable, if you are eligible and haven’t already
We would also ask that you be patient with our team members as we navigate back into what we hope will be near normality soon. We look forward to seeing you back at the venue and don’t forget to have a good time!