WE LOVE THE ENVIRONMENT (especially down here in Brighton)!  Whether you’re clubbing and dancing your pants off at 4am or sipping a cappuccino on our terrace at 11am, our main priority is to give you a top experience with good service at the most reasonable prices possible (and for a late night venue and seafront summer bar, we know our prices are among the best). Saying this, we think this is possible to do and also take as much care as you can with our fragile environment and we try our hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  If you’re interested, our take on the subjects is as follows;


A wise Volks customer once told us at approximately 4.30 in the morning “RUBBISH is BAD, but could be NOT SO BAD if you get rid of it in the correct manner”.  At least we think that’s what he said, but anyway, we took his preaching’s to heart and we try our best with the storage facilities available and we currently recycle all glass, plastic bottles/containers, cardboard and paper, which accounts for approximately 70 percent (by volume) of our waste.  We also only currently use biodegradable straws at the venue and are constantly looking for better practical alternatives.


Unfortunately, being a club with a big sound system and loads of lighting and other visual electrical treats, we do use a fair bit of electricity.  We have, however, recently fitted an electricity monitor that tells us exactly what appliance is using how much power and this is helping us to cut out wasteful use and reduce our overall consumption.  We are also gradually switching all our fittings to low energy use LED lighting and are always looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption further…..any relevant suggestions will be considered!


We put our money where our mouth is on this subject and for any legitimate fundraising party or event for green / environmental issues, we’ll hire out the venue on a weeknight for FREE (any night except Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays).  This is subject to availability and conditions.  Please email us at clubhire@volksclub.co.uk for more information.