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We are for the people. We are the people. We do it our way…….no compromise

(well a little compromise sometimes!)

Located on Brighton Seafront the Volks has been leading the way in new and underground club nights in Brighton for nearly 20 years. Offering 2 rooms of unpretentious, unadulterated clubbing, if you’re looking for that jumping, party atmosphere, make sure you pay us a visit!


COVID-19 Restrictions

Following the announcement that Brighton & Hove will be placed under Tier 2 restrictions, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to remain closed after 2nd December, until the restrictions are either loosened or removed.

Having tried to keep the venue open, adapting and bending but being locked down again, then being asked to trade with near impossible restrictions, we have little choice. We did try though: our normal closing time of ‘sunrise or later’ was turned to 10pm! ‘Table service only’ was introduced and then the rule of 6 and no mingling. But worst of all for a music led venue like ours was the ‘no dancing’ and ‘no loud music’ regulations. But we still gave it a go and even organised a large marquee for our terrace to allow for social distancing. The extra restictions for Tier 2 of no mixing outside of your own household and a substantial meal having to be served for each person really are the final straw, as we understand that most people want to socialise with their friends, colleagues and other people outside of their bubble. For us to try and enforce this regulation on top of all the others would have been torture for us and I’m sure, not welcome by many. But we do understand there is a major pandemic on and these restrictions are what have been decided to keep everyone safe, so we will keep our doors closed for now.

When we do come back, we will do so with an almighty bang and a schedule that will blow your socks off! For anyone who’s interested, we have a range of merchandise now available to purchase through here;

In the meantime, take care, we’ll see you on the other side.